For us knowledge is a universal good and we aspire to promote active, innovative and valid training, above all aimed at enacting real, effective and perceived change.

The Colibri Consortium places great importance on the development and training of personnel to guarantee a better quality of procedures and products at the disposition of patients, with a view to constant improvement and keeping up to date with scientific research and operative technical practices.
For this reason the progressive and continuous adaptation to new elements and competences of personnel is seen as one of the main objectives of the organisations that value their human resources; hence favouring development and professional growth on the basis of specific demands and training needs.
The Consortium structures have adapted to the new regulatory parameters relative to the increase in the number of hours of obligatory safety training for all employees.

In order to improve the preparation of human resources we can count on four accredited providers who offer certified courses. They are:

For health workers particular attention is paid to the acquisition of the necessary credits (D. Min. 27 dicembre 2001 “Educazione Continua in Medicina” D. Min. 05 luglio 2002 “Educazione Continua in Medicina”): the ECM programme is obligatory for all professional health workers and guarantees that the level of qualification of each health worker is maintained over time.

As well as training internal communication is also considered an important strategic element to involve personnel in each single structure..
In fact everybody uses various means of information and communication to increase the involvement, satisfaction and internal confrontation of personnel, for example:

  1. Team meetings;
  2. Meetings between staff, operators, families and patients;
  3. Psychological support;
  4. Feedback questionnaires on level of organisation;

In recent years more than 540 trainees and interns have been taken on, 14 of whom have been fully employed, from universities, vocational schools, accredited training schools, work schemes, civil service projects which highlights the efforts made by members of the Consortium to prepare young people for the world of work.