The Consortium does not work for profit and offers all members the opportunity to purchase goods and services at the best possible rates. It also offers favourable conditions for technical assistance, organisational, commercial, administrative, marketing, communication, advertising and training activities.

Each associate can be assisted in the following operations:

  • selection and rating of suppliers;
  • collective contractual activity with various commercial counterparts with the aim of defining lists of goods and obtain discounts and bonuses of negotiated quantities;
  • inform Consortium members of the best purchasing opportunities, also in terms of quality of products used;
  • organise and manage various services, in the common interest of all members, with the aim of obtaining favourable prices;
  • negotiate added services within standards and favourable terms of contract relating to the highest commercial value;
  • promote meetings between members to define standards of quality and the best possible prices / promote research projects /Training (ECM and other) / elaborate and produce informative documents, reports, presentations and manuals / Consultancy (legal, organisational, quality, safety) /manage communication and image / enrol and participate in associations in the field and other, scientific societies, associations on behalf of members