The organisations that make up Colibri operate within an integrated system of social services, social health-care and health-care of the Emilia Romagna region, which through the social and health-care plan, aims to implement a new local community and regional welfare capable of responding to complex needs. It is only possible to guarantee personalised responses and at the same time guarantee equal access in the various areas with a policy of integration at all levels: the private organisations are an integral part of the health-care network in which different services and people participate - the Region, local institutions, healthcare authorities, the third sector, private companies, social forces - that in varying degrees are called upon to carry out a role in the affirmation of citizen rights, thus making a fundamental contribution for the development of a more cohesive, civil and dynamic society.

For this reasons our organisations adhere to the Association of categories of the sector (AIOP - for private hospitals and ANASTE - for facilities dedicated to the elderly) and Unindustria Bologna. All of these are accredited with the Emilia Romagna region.

There are two categories of Consortium members: - Founding members. - Actual Consortium members

With regard to the founding consortium members, the Colibrì Consortium will operate without representation, and therefore the Consortium will charge back the costs of goods and services purchased in its own name and on behalf of the consortium members. The Colibrì Consortium will operate with representation, on the basis of the mandate; in this case goods and services purchased on the basis of the prices dealt with by the Consortium will be invoiced directly by the suppliers to the actual consortium members, who will assume directly towards them the burden of the fulfilment of the payment obligations. In December 2011 the Consortium and the founding structures obtained the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certification.