Research and Innovation

Research and innovation are the two key values of the Colibri Consortium. The prestigious scientific collaborations undertaken are testimony to the effort and substantial investments made by members in research.

Amongst the main projects that some structures have taken part in are:

  • Project to encode the records of evaluation and treatment of dementia as indicated by the Emilia-Romagna region

  • Project of research and service of ethnopsychiatry and cultural mediation in collaboration with the University of Bologna and the Mental Health Department odf Bologna

  • Research project approved by the Ethics Committee of the Ospedale Maggiore of Bologna on the impact of cerebal lesions on the processes of internalisation/externalisation for a neuro psychodynamic study in collaboration with the Neuroscience Department and with the UOC of Neuroradiology of the Bellaria Hospital and under the supervision of Professor Georg Northoff (Research Unit Director: Mind, Brain Imaging and Neuroethic, Canada Research Chair, University of Ottawa Canada)

  • The Salto project to raise awareness of the importance of cross sector training in the social and medical field and a multidisciplinary approach in the social and medical field when working with the elderly and/or with disabilities. The idea is to increase the perception of the importance of social interaction, to be considered as an istitutional therapeutic element. The programme is in partnership with some European structures for the elderly (France, Spain and Croatia).

  • Research project on the psychic conditions and functional recuperation of patients in rehabilitation and the psychological state of families involved, in collaboration with the Department of Clinical Psychology of the University of Bologna and the Psychology Faculty in Cesena.

  • Research project on the rehabilitation on the upper limbs in stroke patients, with ARMEO robotic exoskeleton.

  • Collaboration with the Association for the fight against Brain Strokes ((A.L.I.Ce.))

  • HALT ( Research Unit Director: Mind, Brain Imaging and Neuroethic, Canada Research Chair, University of Ottawa Canada): a European project to monitor the onset of infections in residential homes for the elderly

  • Project with ASPHI for the application of new technologies for the disabled.

  • For more details on research and development with the Colibri Consortium it's possible to consult the booklet Research and Training Projects of the Colibri Consortium with details of the activities of the founding members.

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